• I want to give you (Claire Parsons) my warmest of thanks for all the hard work dealing with my case. I thought you handled what was a very delicate matter in a very compassionate but professional way. I know it certainly wasn’t the easiest of matters to deal with.

    Mrs F.
  • Mrs Murphy and Staff, including Tina. Christmas Blessings from Julie Watts of Isle of Scilly. Thank you for all your advice and assistance in 2017. It is so nice to have a good solicitor and efficient secretary. Best wishes for 2018

    Julie Watts
  • I just wanted to say thank you (Helen Evennett) for all your help through what was a difficult time for me you are a star thank you once again

    Mr R, family client
  • (Rebecca Turnbull-Simpson) Heart-felt thanks for all your hard work in getting such an amazing result – a 170 year lease – in an unusually challenging & complex situation. You were highly recommended to me by various housing professionals in town – and now I know why.

    From the minute I put this matter in your hands I felt my burden of worry & stress fall away. I had total confidence in you throughout the process. I really appreciated the time you took to explain, think things through with me. You were always prompt, patient, easy to speak to & extremely pleasant to deal with. I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone – and would not hesitate to deal with you again.

    Heidi Dore
  • I really appreciated the way in which (Claire Parsons) facilitated the time (for mediation) in such a professional and containing way. In the difficult circumstances I also appreciated your empathic and sensitive style of communication, thank you

    Anonymous, Family Department
  • Thank you (Helen Evennett) so much for this, and for being the most helpful, thoughtful and kind solicitor I’ve ever encountered. You’ve restored my faith completely; please don’t ever change!

    Anonymous, Family Department
  • Thank you (Rebecca Turnbull-Simpson) for your help and advice over the past 12 months or so, it has always been very clear and reassuring to work with you

    Dr Howard Carter
  • Thank you (Tim Ransley) for your support during my claim. The way you kept me abreast of the legal stages, coordinated the medical evaluations, and competently handle the negotiations made what could have been a very stressful period for my family so much easier.

  • You (Tim Ransley) took the time to explain things to me and I found your honest approach really useful. I would have no problems about recommending you to friends and family

  • Thank you (Parisa Costigan) so much for all that you have done. I am very glad that we have settled so early and my Mother is happy too. Thank you for all your support and patience

  • I would particularly like you to pass on our thanks to Claire (Parsons) for her commitment and professionalism in all she did…Claire did an excellent job with the pre-nuptial agreement by providing comprehensive supporting notes covering all the main paragraphs. The scope was fully in line with what was requested…I would also like to thank you (Jenny Murphy) as well for the efforts you made in this attempt to reduce our potential inheritance tax liability.

    Brian Cottle
  • (Oliver Maxwell-Jones’s) ability to explain clearly and advise on what was to us, a complicated matter that none of us had any experience with and to deal calmly and rationally was very much appreciated (not to mention admired!) by myself and my family. This is the second time I have had the pleasure of working with Coole Bevis, the first being the matter of my father’s estate handled brilliantly by Amanda Epstein. It is very reassuring to have a “go to” company that you can trust to handle everything competently and with your best interests at heart.

    Ms. S, Southwick
  • thank you (Yvonne Bourne) for all of the help you’ve given both Ellen and I and work you’ve done for us to make the purchase as stress free as possible. We didn’t know how to approach the purchase to begin with, but your kind reassurance and professionalism has made the whole process a positive one for us both. So, a very big thank you very much for this!

    Ellen & Luke
  • I would like to take this opportunity in thanking you for the excellent professional and personal attitude in which you undertook my case. I/we couldn’t of asked anymore of yourself. So once again Parisa thank you very much.

    Terry Bedford
  • We are more grateful than we can put in words for the extraordinary way in which (John Lacy) so successfully defended our position, and indeed, our home.

    Mr C., Thorpe-le-Soken.
  • “(John Lacy) thank you for all your help and support throughout. I have definitely been impressed with your professionalism”

    Ms B, Horsham
  • Thankyou so much Carol (Blakey)…as always, you and your team are so professional and helpful

  • I also want to express my gratitude to you of course Helen (Evennett) and really do thank you for all your advice and time over the last eighteen months or so. It’s been a long protracted affair but I’m really pleased with the result and conclusion that was reached today. Thank you again, you’ve been fantastic throughout.

  • We have been pleased to have been asked to be involved in a limited way and would like to say that you (Jenny Murphy) have done a good job for J and us as well …. Thank You.

    Phillip & Cathy Barnes
  • I could not recommend Coole Bevis more highly. The combined expertise, professionalism and patience of both Rebecca (Turnbull-Simpson) and Aman (Johal) proved invaluable. Thanks to all at Coole Bevis!!

  • Dear Amanda (Owen), Thank you for all that you have done regarding Mrs. W’s estate. I appreciate the work that you and your team at Coole Bevis LLP have done and the professional manner in which you have conducted the business of settling this estate.

    J.E., Horsham
  • Thank you (Jenny Murphy) for all your help and advice regarding our Wills. It can be quite a daunting task and your friendly approach was appreciated. If anything changes in the future, or we need further advice, we will obviously be in touch.

    John & Audrey Jeffries
  • thank you so very much from Jeremy and me for all your wisdom, support and determined chasing of answers and documents on our behalf throughout the process – very much appreciated! Thanks again Carol (Blakey) for a really excellent job.

    Sarah & Jeremy Bourke
  • Just writing to say thank you (Yvonne Bourne) for all you did to get me to the above house! Meant to write to you last week but didn’t get the broadband till last Friday thanks to BT! Anyway many thanks for all your help over the past few years.

    Jacqueline White
  • Thank you so much (Rebecca Turnbull-Simpson) for steering this claim to a successful conclusion.  I was not at all sure that my insurance company wouldn’t have found a way to wriggle out of it.

    Jane P, Cornwall
  • Many thanks Yvonne (Bourne).

    We are certainly very glad you agreed to act for us and we are extremely grateful for all your help, especially as it has been under the most testing of circumstances.

    Mr and Mrs Cooper
  • Many thanks (Rebecca Turnbull-Simpson) for your prompt and efficient work. I will now always use your practice for any legal work.

    Janina Good
  • Sue Knight, Thank you for your support and professionalism. I am grateful that I have had you in ‘my corner’.

    anonymous (Family Department)
  • Many thanks for this and for your support and assistance throughout the conveyancing process, which was much appreciated by Maureen and myself.

    Geoff and Maureen Lockwood
  • I do appreciate the level of commitment shown by all Coole Bevis people/partners and those unsung gnomes in the back office – deadlines were met, and every one of my inane (sometimes) queries was dealt with in such good humour it was a pleasure to deal with you all and made my job much easier than I had feared. Especially enjoyed the entertaining hour we spent in your Horsham mansion, and Viki has perfected her initials now she has done it on so many pages! ……….Thank you

    Peter & Viki (Friendly Vets Limited)
  • Dear Jenny (Murphy), Thank you for all your help and kindness in so many ways. Life has been rather hard at times, but with Nick, Julie and family always there, it is a blessing. If at any time you would like to visit, I would love to see you. Have a lovely Christmas with family and friends. Bless you. With love

    Greta Baker and family
  • to Jenny (Murphy) and staff. Thank you for all the help given to our family these past years but 2016 especially.

    Susan & Cristina
  • Hi Parisa, Merry Christmas to you, and thank you for all you have done for me and my family

  • Thank you (Susan Knight) once again for all the diligent and well balanced advice during this case

    Mr S
  • Thank you (Parisa) very much for your letter and attached cheque……Thank you very much for all your efforts on my behalf, for your professionalism and dedication.

    Mrs. W, Bognor Regis
  • Thanks (Susan Knight) for your very good and prompt service it has made the whole process easier

    Lawrence Alkin
  • Many thanks for all your support with this Yvonne, I have found you and the staff at CBLLP helpful, responsive and friendly. Many thanks.

    Fiona West
  • Dear Yvonne (Bourne), Just to let you know that I’m now happily arrived and unpacking is well underway. As ever I am grateful to you for your reassuring, firm management of the legal side of moving house and open communication  – even more so on this latest move when my purchaser seemed keener on creating stumbling blocks and delays right up to the wall. Many many thanks and an early Happy Christmas!

    Melissa Neal
  • To Yvonne (Bourne), Thank you for all your hard work and persistence with Karon and her chain. Not sure any other Conveyancer in town could have pulled it off. Thanks again. From all at Brock Taylor J

    Brock Taylor J
  • Hi Yvonne, I feel a bit like a boxer who flops exhausted onto his stool at the end of each round – to me met by his second (you) flapping your towel, holding the ice pack to my head and issuing instructions as how to deal with the opponent in the next round. Seconds out – tenth and final round. Many thanks once again for being my second. Regards.

    Dave Anderson
  • Many thanks for all of your help & I look forward to dealing with you again in the future.

    Miss P, Worthing
  • Many thanks for you skilful and timely intervention yesterday.

    Mr S, Worthing
  • Thanks for coming to the hearing last week. I was most impressed by your presentation

    Mr K, Hastings
  • Thank you so much for yesterday I know it was not possibly the result you would have liked but we are happy with it, it certainly was a long day!

    Mrs W
  • Even though … I still felt that we had a good case and that fighting it out might have been beneficial there is so much else to consider right now. Settlement was probably the best option.

    Mr B
  • May I take this opportunity to thank you for helping to make what has obviously been, for me, an unpleasant and painful process go as smoothly as possible

    Mr R
  • Throughout, you have been a tremendous support, especially on occasions when I have been flapping!

    Mrs B
  • My sincere thanks for your kind consideration of my problem, and in the speedy ending to it, you have steered me through with care and thoughtfulness, and a great deal of patience.

    Mr P
  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your care and attention to this matter during the last year.

    Mr F
  • Thank you very much for your hard work concerning my compensation claim. I would not hesitate to recommend you in the future.

    Mrs E
  • Thank you for your efficiency and diligence in dealing with this personal injury claim.

    Mrs R
  • May I say how pleased I am that the grant of probate was handled so efficiently and expeditiously.

    Mrs R
  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your care and attention to this matter during the last year.

    Mr F
  • Just a quick note to say thank you for everything you have done for us enabling us to buy our first home, we really appreciated the support.

    Mr F & Miss G
  • Thank you for all your work on our move and restoring faith in solicitors!

    Mr G & Ms C
  • Many thanks for all of your help & I look forward to dealing with you again in the future

    Miss P, Worthing
  • Many thanks for you skilful and timely intervention yesterday

    Mr S, Worthing
  • Thanks for coming to the hearing last week. I was most impressed by your presentation

    Mr K, Hastings
  • I am sure we will continue to receive the excellent care and attention you have displayed to us this year.

    Mr N
  • Thank you for all your assistance with this project including the appointment documents.

    Ms A
  • As usual, I found your services to be efficient and effective! I will make sure to recommend Coole & Haddock to anyone I know seeking relevant legal assistance.

    Mr F
  • Thank you John for all your help and advice throughout. With all good wishes and kind regards to you and Shirley.

    Mr A
  • Thank you so much for yesterday I know it was not possibly the result you would have liked but we are happy with it, it certainly was a long day!

    Mrs W
  • Even though… I still felt that we had a good case and that fighting it out might have been beneficial there is so much else to consider right now. Settlement was probably the best option.

    Mr B
  • Thank you for a difficult job well done.

    Mr H
  • May I take this opportunity to thank you and the Coole & Haddock team for the enormous effort during the past week, it was a great team effort and we very much enjoyed working with you and the team.

    Mr T
  • Just a quick note to thank (Oliver Maxwell-Jones) for all (his) excellent work and guidance. It was much appreciated and I would always recommend (him) to other people.

    Mr P R Brown, Dubai
  • Having been seriously let down by a leading Sussex solicitor, on advice, we turned to Coole Bevis to sort out the mess we were in. Their skill and vigour not only found a way to a successful conclusion, and out of the legal turmoil that we were in, but they reinstated our faith in justice in the English legal system.

    John Brock, Ashleigh Estates
  • A completely reliable firm, whom I would – and have – recommended unreservedly. They have buckets of experience in the private client sector, and a seemingly effortless rapport with their clients which bigger firms cannot match.

    Thomas Dumont
  • I would like to take this opportunity of saying how very much I appreciate all your work on the Trust’s behalf over the last few months. It really has been a pleasure working with you to achieve all the changes the trustees have made. Everything we have wanted done has been achieved without any problems and this, I know, has been due to your handling of the legal matters. Thank you, once again, from us all.

    K. Collins
  • Thank you, Sue, you have made such a difference to the future of my family. Words cannot express how much that means to me.

    Mr Stevens
  • Thank you (Sue Knight) so much for all the work that you did to help secure a favourable outcome for my son. Your professional diligence and support ultimately helped my son but it also helped me through a difficult time. Many, many thanks.

    Ms Robinson
  • To Susan Knight, just wanted to say a huge thank you to you both for helping me to get a fantastic Contact Order to see my daughter, it means so much to me. I would recommend you to anyone in a similar situation to myself.

    Ms Graham
  • Thank you for all your help over the last 18 months. You made a very difficult time in my life manageable.

    Ms Hollands
  • A big thank you (Sue Knight) for guiding me through my divorce with wisdom, great legal advice and a good dollop of humour.

    Ms Cramer
  • Fantastic service. Oliver Maxwell-Jones is an exceptional lawyer.

    P R Brown and V Lopez
  • Best conveyancing I have ever experienced.

    N Cheang
  • Dear Sue (Knight), I would like to say how grateful I am for all your help, you are just what I needed at a difficult time in my life. So thank you, I am moving on to a new and much better phase of my life, yours Susie Pascall.

    Susie Pascall
  • Carol Blakey did a superb job dealing with particularly difficult parties, which was a lengthy process due to their incompetence. She showed exactly how the job should be done efficiently and effectively.

    S Appelhans
  • Hi Rebecca (Turnbull-Simpson), thank you so much for all your help and assistance regarding this issue. You have really taken this on promptly and efficiently and I very much appreciate that.

    Anonymous for Leasehold Disputes
  • My daughter and I can highly recommend the services of Coole Bevis. We are especially grateful to Chris Clifton-Moore who handled our company legal matters with great skill and efficiency and at a very reasonable price.

    RB & EB
  • We have already recommended Coole Bevis to some friends and will use them again. Everyone was very helpful – the reception staff were friendly and very pleasant – we have used Carol Blakey before and she too was very professional and effective. Can’t think of anything to improve – in fact our sellers said they wished they had used you!

    Mr & Mrs Lang
  • I would like to thank Nicola Hunt & Carina Moss for their services to The Classic Watch Company Ltd when we were having our lease assigned. They were always on hand to answer my queries and responded to my emails without delay. They showed great efficiency and skill in their work I would not hesitate to recommend them, and Coole Bevis as a Company.

    Jane Forbes
  • Dominic Mercer was excellent. I am a natural worrier so having Dominic explain everything to me promptly and clearly was brilliant.

    Conveyancing client
  • May I take this opportunity to thank you (Rebecca Turnbull-Simpson) for your care and attention in the matter and doubtless we will be corresponding again at some point.

    Andrew Farquharson
  • Finders have worked with and for the Private Client team at Coole Bevis for over 16 years. Their service, integrity and standards are amongst the best I have ever come across. They are a joy to do business with. I have no hesitation in recommending them to other businesses or individuals.

    Daniel Curran, MD
  • During a highly challenging time in my life, Andrew (Holt) and Rebecca (Turnbull-Simpson) guided and supported me throughout to a very successful financial conclusion. I have no hesitation in recommending their legal expertise together with their professional kind and understanding manner.

    Anonymous for Dispute Resolution
  • Andrew (Holt), we are very grateful for your excellent work, patience, persistence and advice through this long and tricky process. We are so pleased that this has finally reached a positive conclusion.

    Anonymous for Dispute Resolution
  • I have instructed Coole Bevis to act for me for the last couple of years and have been represented by Rebecca Turnbull-Simpson who acted for me in a County Court case which outcome as a result of her high standard of care and attention to detail was most positive and pleasing. I would have no hesitation in instructing her again.

    Sefton Cohen
  • Thank you (Oliver Maxwell-Jones) very much for your smooth handling of the whole tedious business. You made it as painless for us as was possible in the circumstances.

    Mr R & Mrs S Murphy, Vienna, Austria
  • I would describe the best aspect of my dealing with Coole Bevis as the expertise of Sue Knight, coupled to her being very approachable. I highly recommended the firm and it would be difficult to improve her client service.

    Mr Story
  • Thank you Sue (Knight). You are amazing.

    Ms Stach
  • Thank you (Sue Knight) so much. It is a real relief to finally have the issue resolved. I really appreciate all your hard work and would certainly highly recommend you to others

    for Family
  • Thank you (Sue Knight) so very much for all your support and guidance. It has meant a lot to have you on my side. I couldn’t have got through any of this without you and thank you for getting me a fair deal under difficult circumstances

    for Family
  • I’ve always felt confident in Carol and her team to provide a quality and hassle-free service, which leaves me with peace of mind that everything is being taken care of as it should be.

    Mr Gladman
  • Carol Blakey is wonderful! Easy to contact, quick to reply. Thorough but doesn’t fuss, just gets on with it. We are very pleased with the service we received.

    Mr & Mrs Seymour
  • Dominic Mercer went the extra mile – I was very impressed with the level of service and his work.

    Mr Plant
  • Thank you Jonathan (Everett), for completing the work on the lease extension for my father’s property. We appreciate the prompt and efficient service you have given us.

    Mrs K.
  • I should like to thank you (Sue Knight) for all your excellent assistance for a very reasonable cost in what could have been a very stressful experience for us

    for Family
  • May I take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for all you (Parisa Costigan) have done. I have never done this sort of thing before, and have to say I am glad it is all over. You have done a fantastic job and your patience with me was outstanding! I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who finds themselves in the same plight as myself. Thank you too for keeping your costs low, I very much appreciate that.

  • Thank you (Sue Knight) for all your marvellous help. It was much appreciated. Kindest regards.

    Geraldine Bloomfield
  • Aman Johal was our lead solicitor on our recent commercial property sale. A difficult and capricious buyer meant the process was subject to multiple delays and complications, eventually taking nearly a year to complete. Throughout this time Aman’s calm approach, commitment and communications were exemplary and kept everything on course, ultimately steering the sale through to a successful conclusion. We are happy to recommend him.

    Mr & Mrs S., Hove
  • Thanks again for everything – you’ve (Sue Knight) been amazing and I have exactly what I set out to get and I’m very much looking forward to moving on

  • thank you (Parisa Costigan) for everything you have done

    Geoff Colbourne