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At Coole Bevis LLP, we are experts when it comes to creating all types of trusts, from discretionary trusts to life interest trusts, as well as a variety of other forms. A trust is a fund which contains assets which are controlled by you and/ or your nominated trustees.

Trusts are governed by complex legal regulations and separate tax rules, meaning they can be confusing when tackled without exceptional legal advice.  However, there are a wealth of benefits to setting up a trust. For example, a trust can be a useful tool in cross-generational tax planning and can provide the flexibility to take into account personal circumstances of the beneficiaries at any given time.

A trust may be set up at any time during the lifetime of an individual by way of settlement or under a will. Whatever your situation, we are able to offer you essential advice on inheritance, capital gains, income and stamp duty tax implications of setting up and managing the trust.

Our expert team are also on hand to advise trustees on the ongoing management of the trust, ensuring that they are fulfilling their duties and obligations as trustees. In addition, we often advise our clients on the appointment of trustees. Where disputes between trustees arise, or in the case of a breach of trust, we are also on hand to resolve issues swiftly.

When creating your trust, we work closely with trusted accountants and finance professionals to ensure that the trust assets are properly managed, invested and reviewed.