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We are able to deal with all aspects of employment law, whether you are seeking advice or engaged in an acrimonious dispute. We act for employees, workers and groups of workers.

Our clients have included:

  • senior employees with complex contracts, remuneration structures and reward packages
  • workers on minimum or below minimum wages, with basic contracts or no written contractual provisions, and
  • anyone in between.

We aim to explain in clear language the legal issues relating to your problem, and help you resolve issues quickly, where possible avoiding costly disputes. If necessary we will bring or defend legal proceedings in employment tribunals.

Some examples of where we can assist:

  • Helping you negotiate contractual terms prior to the start of your employment or upon a change of circumstances such as a promotion or ‘sideways’ move.
  • Advising you about disciplinary or grievance procedures you may be facing, or in connection any other issue you may wish to raise such as maternity, paternity and family rights and discrimination issues
  • Providing advice where redundancy is threatened or has been notified to you.
  • Advising you about statutory or contractual rights you may have including, for example, claims of unfair dismissal and discrimination
  • Assisting you with other ‘end of employment issues’, including Settlement Agreements.
  • Advising on the enforceability of post termination restrictive covenants and assisting you defend proceedings brought by an employer seeking to enforce any such post termination restrictive covenants.
  • Supporting you with specific employment tribunal or other proceedings