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Life does not always turn out the way we plan and sadly, no family or relationship is immune to a breakdown. When the worst happens the best you can hope for is to avoid a traumatic and lengthy legal process. Our family law team have a wealth of experience in matters such as these and recognise the need for a sensitive approach at all times.

Ultimately, we aim to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients in the most cost-effective and timely manner possible. We try to avoid legal proceedings wherever possible but where they do become necessary we are skilled at conducting them.

Our collaborative law and mediation services allow us to settle many cases out of court. Collaborative law involves a series of joint round table discussions with a shared commitment to avoid court proceedings. Both parties and their lawyers sign an agreement setting out a mutual aim and commitment to reach a fair settlement and to apply to the court only to obtain approval when an agreement is reached. The process is always kept confidential and allows families to discuss what matters to them, resolving issues at their own pace.

The Coole Bevis team benefits from a trained mediator, allowing us to  facilitate discussions between both parties with the mediator as a neutral third party. The mediator’s role is to assist in identifying the information needed to make informed decisions and ultimately advising on the solution which best fits you and your family.

Our expert team is experienced in all areas of family law, including divorce and dissolution of civil partnerships, pre-nuptial agreements,  financial matters, issues relating to children and cohabitee cases.

We have considerable experience in a range of circumstances and have a wealth of specialist expertise. Our team represents Coole Bevis LLP within a range of professional bodies, cementing our position as leaders within the sector.